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Hej! I am Annamaria 👋 

Crafting research-driven product improvements that align user needs, business goals, and tech constraints. Specialized in rapidly designing UX solutions for complex apps, delivering measurable value. Love to collaborate closely with product owners and developers in agile teams.

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Case Study

Improving Horse Riding Courses

Introducing a course logic for video clips helped horse riders to learn exercises online based on their interests.


Case Study

Simplifying Home Furnishing

Clearing up the user guidance and a new clear design language improved apartment sampling for owners.

Case Study

Speeding up Marketplace Workflows

Creating a digital workflow for B2B customers helped providing easy product access to over 40 marketplaces at once.


Case Study

Enterprise-ready Video Production

MVP-driven improvement of a SaaS tool that enables automated video production from a smartphone or desktop devices.

Case Study

Digitizing an Insurance Workflow

Creating a digital workflow for brokers and contractors helped a large number of contracts being created within a short period of time.


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